Cristiane Lira

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Cristiane Lira
Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies for Portuguese
ACTFL Certified OPI Tester of Portuguese
426 PH
Office Hours:
MWTh from 12:00 to 1:00pm or by appointment
email for Zoom link

Cris Lira holds a Ph.D. and a M.A. in Romance Languages from the University of Georgia. She specializes in Contemporary Brazilian Literature. Her current research focuses on the representation of female guerrilla warfare fighters in Brazil and Argentina during the last dictatorship in both countries (1964-1985). She is interested in memory and gender studies, contemporary Latin American literature, urban literature and representations of violence.

Professor Lira performs Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI) for students seeking official assessments, e.g., for grant applications, and also conducts placement interviews for heritage speakers of Portuguese.