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Iowa Regents Hispanic Institute in Valladolid, Spain - Iglesia de la Antigua

Program Information for Summer 2013

Program Description

The Iowa Regents Hispanic Institute in Valladolid is a six-week program in which students live with a Spanish family and enroll in courses in the summer program for foreign students (cursos para extranjeros) at the Universidad de Valladolid.  The summer 2013 program will take place from May 26 to July 6.  Classes meet for five weeks, and students spend the sixth week traveling within Spain while working on an individual research project of their choice.  Iowa students earn 7 s.h. resident credit, applicable to a Spanish major or minor at any Iowa Regent University (i.e., University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, and Iowa State University).

This summer course in Valladolid offers students a unique language learning experience, studying with young and enthusiastic native professors.  Students usually find their spoken Spanish vastly improves over the course of this program, as they interact daily with native speakers and gain confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish.  Students also learn a great deal about Spanish culture by experiencing day-to-day life in Spain, sharing meals and conversation with their family and conversation partners (regular Universidad de Valladolid students), exploring Valladolid night life, and traveling to other cities within Spain.  This program enables students to experience Spain with a group of companions from “home."

Academic Program

Students take three courses in Spanish for a total of 7 credit hours.  Depending on their level, students take one course in Spanish Language and one course in Spanish Culture; or, one course in Spanish Culture and one course in Spanish Literature.  All students take “Life in Spain”, a course designed to help them fully enjoy their stay in Valladolid and prepare them for the week of independent travel, and write a short final paper about Spanish culture and their study-abroad experience.

There are approximately 22 hours of classes each week.  Classes meet each morning in two blocks, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m and from 11:50 a.m. to 1:50 p.m., with a 20-minute break in between.  One afternoon per week, students meet with conversation partners (Spanish students who attend the Universidad de Valladolid).   Grading is based on class participation, oral and written work, final exams and the final paper.

Classes are held in the Centro de Idiomas, the international language school of the Universidad de Valladolid.  The Centro is a new building with modern facilities, including cafeterias, a computer lab and free Wi-Fi service.

Centro de Idiomas
Centro de Idiomas


Computer Lab
Computer Lab



Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor


Valladolid is a modern city with a great historical and cultural heritage. Once the capital of the Spanish Empire, it is currently the capital of Castilla-León. It has a population of approximately 350,000.  The center of city life is the Plaza Mayor, where once bullfights were held; now, shoppers frequent the sidewalk cafés during the day, while at night street artists and bar-hoppers fill the square.

Tourists flock to the Museo Nacional de Escultura, the Casa de Colón (a museum dedicated to Columbus’ voyages), and to the Teatro Calderón for plays and shows.  Valladolid is fifty minutes north of Madrid by AVE (fast train). San Sebastián, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, Portugal and Seville are close enough for weekend visits.

Events and Activities

During the five-week stay in Valladolid there are several cultural events of note. The 7-hour long concert Valladolid Latino brings together some of the most popular names in the Spanish and Latin American music scenes. The internationally regarded Festival de Teatro y Artes de Calle offers hundreds of high-quality street performances in many locations of the city, most of them free of charge. The Concurso National de Pinchos is a gastronomic contest in which dozens of Valladolid’s famed tapas bars and restaurants compete for the best appetizers
and small dishes.




There are three Saturday excursions to nearby cities (Segovia, Salamanca, and Madrid). June 14-17 is a long weekend; students can travel independently to more distant sites like Granada, Sevilla, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, or Barcelona. One of the highlights of this program is the week of independent travel. Students will work in groups to plan their itinerary, select sites to visit based upon their cultural interest, and submit a detailed travel plan to the Resident Director before they leave Valladolid for their week of cultural exploration.


Links about Valladolid and Studying Abroad

Next Steps

More information and applications are available online and in the Study Abroad office. Prospective applicants should make an appointment with Study Abroad Advisor Liz Wildenberg de Hernandez. Students should also discuss their plans with their academic advisor and other appropriate faculty. The application deadline is March 8, 2013.

For further information contact:

For Further Information:
Ana M. Rodriguez-Rodriguez,
Faculty Director
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
422 Phillips Hall
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 384-1940


Office of Study Abroad
1111 University Capitol Centre
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-0353

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