Spanish Major Requirements

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The requirements for the major can be found in the University of Iowa General Catalog.

Course progression through the Spanish major levels:

Students who are just beginning a Spanish major (or minor) should start with the courses numbered SPAN:2000 - SPAN:2999 (035:102 - 035:114).  These are the courses which introduce students to work in the Spanish major and minor.  Any of these courses can be taken as a first course after completing the General Education Program sequence in Spanish language, or equivalent.  These are "5th semester" courses, that is, courses which students may earn FLIP credits.  Students must take at least one course in this range before progressing to the next level.  In the usual case, students take two or three courses in this range.

The great majority of Spanish major level courses are in the range SPAN:3000 - SPAN:3999 (035:115 to 035:169).  The general prerequisite for courses in this range is at least one course in Spanish in the range SPAN:2000 - SPAN:2999.  Of the 12 courses required for the Spanish major, probably six to seven of the courses will be at this level.

  • The best time to do study abroad is when you are at this level.  Study abroad programs which require the equivalent of 5 to 6 previous college semesters of Spanish are at this level, and this will give you a solid foundation for completing the courses at the most advanced level when you return to campus.

The most advanced undergraduate courses are those numbered SPAN:4000 - SPAN:4998 (035:170 - 035:198).  These are courses which students should plan on taking in their last two semesters of registration.  These courses generally require a research paper, and they are also open to graduate students in Spanish at the M.A. level.  In general, literature courses at this level have as a prerequisite at least two previous Spanish literature courses, one of which should be SPAN:3300 or higher; linguistics courses at this level generally have as a prerequisite at least one linguistics course in the range SPAN:3000 - SPAN:3999.  Some courses may have more specific prerequisites.

Approved courses for undergraduate major

in related departments (subject to 6 s.h. limit on courses from other departments)


113:117  The Maya
113:130  Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsular
113:131  Latin American Economy and Society
113:163  Archaeology of Mesoamerica
113:166  The Aztecs, their Predecessors, and their Contemporaries


1H:105  Art of Pre-Columbian America

Communication Studies

36:152  Latin American Media


16A:113   Latino Immigration
16W:106  Society and Revolution in Cuba
16W 107  History of Mexico
16W:110  Topics in Latin American History
16W:111  Colonial Latin America
16W:112  Introduction to Modern Latin America
16W:114  Latin America and the U.S.: The Historical Perspective
16W:115  Latin American Revolution
16W:116  Dictatorships of Latin America

International Studies
187:142  Introduction to Caribbean Studies


25:104  Music of Latin America & the Caribbean


103:100  Introduction to Linguistics
103:110  Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics
103:112  Phonological Analysis
103:150  Language and Gender

Political Science

30:144  Latin American Government
30:145  Latin American Political Parties

Teaching & Learning (College of Education)

07S:116  Learning to Teach Second Languages I