Spanish Minor Requirements

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The requirements for the minor can be found in the University of Iowa General Catalog:

Students complete a minor in Spanish for many different reasons. We advise all minors to try to have a diverse program in Spanish, rather than focusing solely on courses in one particular area. In choosing courses, keep in mind that the courses in Spanish at the major level are grouped in two ways, by content area and by level. By content area, there are courses which focus on literature and literary analysis, on cultural topics, on linguistics and on language skills. By level, there are three main levels, according to how much previous study the student has had in Spanish. Within each level there are courses in literature, culture, and language skills; and at the second and third levels there are also courses in Hispanic linguistics.

Students who are just beginning a Spanish minor should start with courses in the range SPAN:2000-SPAN:2999 (035:102-035:114). These are courses which have Intermediate Spanish II  or equivalent as a prerequisite. Students must take one, and preferably should take two, courses at this level before preceding to the next level. The great majority of Spanish major level courses are in the range SPAN:3000-SPAN:3999 (035:115-035:169). These courses have as a general requirement having taken at least one previous course in Spanish at the major-level. The most advanced undergraduate courses are in the range SPAN:4000-SPAN:4998 (035:170-035:197), and have varying prerequisites according to the topic of the course. Although at each of these levels there are a few courses which are taught in English, no more than one course for the minor may be taught in English.  All courses for the minor must be taken for a grade.

Below, there is a sample list of courses in the different content areas which often are of interest to Spanish minors. This is not an exhaustive list, however, and students should feel free to consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, or with any other faculty member, about course selection. Questions about study abroad programs should be directed to the departmental Study Abroad Adviser.

Study Abroad Credit

The study abroad programs in which UI resident credit toward a minor may be earned are the following:

  • University Studies Abroad Consortium (Alicante, Bilbao, Madrid, San Sebastián)

  • CIEE programs in Alcalá de Henares, Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Sevilla

  • Hispanic Institute, Valladolid [summer]

Latin America:

  • CIEE programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago/Valparaíso, Chile; Santiago/Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Guanajuato, Mexico and Lima, Peru

  • University Studies Abroad Consortium (Costa Rica, Chile)

Courses in these programs which count for the minor are those courses which are approved for the Spanish major. That is, not all courses in these programs count for the major; and therefore they do not all count for the minor. Lists of approved courses in each program are available from the Office for Study Abroad (1111 University Capitol Centre).

Declaring a Minor

You may declare a minor either at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Office of Academic Programs (120 Schaeffer Hall) or on MyUI. By declaring the minor, you will have a Degree Audit to track your progress toward the minor.

Suggestions for Coursework

Below are some suggestions for coursework (remember that any course numbered above SPAN:2000 will count for the minor).

Language skills courses:
SPAN:2000 (035:103)  Spanish Language Skills: Writing
SPAN:2010 (035:106)  Spanish Language Skills: Speaking
SPAN:2040 (035:102)  Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN:3010 (035:141)  Advanced Spanish Speaking & Writing
SPAN:3030 (035:117)  Translation Workshop: English to Spanish
SPAN:3040 (035:118)  Business Spanish
SPAN:3050 (035:129)  Translation Workshop: Spanish to English

Linguistics courses:
SPAN:2030 (035:109)  Study of Language: Myths and Concepts
SPAN:3100 (035:121)  Structures of Spanish: Words and Sentences
SPAN:3110 (035:122)  Spanish Sound Structure
SPAN:3120 (035:123)  Foundations in Sociolinguistics
SPAN:3150 (035:124)  Introduction to Bilingualism (sociolinguistic & psycholinguistic aspects)

Literature courses:
SPAN:2300 (035:112)  Introduction to Reading Literature
SPAN:2400 (035:110)  Readings in Spanish Literature (focus on Spain)
SPAN:3310 (035:134)  Spanish-American Short Story
SPAN:3350 (035:140)  Contemporary Spanish American Literature
SPAN:3840 (035:157)  Contemporary Spanish Short Story

Culture courses:
SPAN:2200 (035:114)  Introduction to Spanish American Cultures
SPAN:2900 (035:107)  Music of the Hispanic World
SPAN:3200 (035:130)  Cultures of Spanish America
SPAN:3230 (035:138)  Modern Mexico
SPAN:3440 (035:135)  Latino Literature & Culture
SPAN:3620 (035:153)  Madrid