Kristine Muñoz

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Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Kristine Muñoz (Fitch until 2010) is Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, specializing in contemporary Colombian language and culture and, more broadly, in intercultural communication. Her current work is centered on two projects, one centered in the social sciences and the other in the humanities.  The first is a longitudinal, ethnographi study of personal relationships in Spain, Colombia, the US and the UK that began in 1999 and is nearing completion. The second is a public digital space intended to re-envision Medellin (Colombia), collecting images, oral histories and collaborative projects that show the city’s identity of innovation and industry, in contrast to memories of its violent history of narcotrafficking. Professor Munoz received an honorary doctorate from the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) in 2013 and the Collegiate Teaching Award in 2014; some of her publications can be downloaded here.


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