Diana Carolina Camberos

Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant, Spanish

Diana Camberos is a second-year Masters student in the Spanish Linguistics program. Diana received a Bachelor of Arts in Global Health Studies and Spanish from the University of Iowa in 2020.

Diana is part of the 2023-2024 Spanish Heritage Speakers in the Classroom working group for the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies. Diana and professor Dr. Claudia Pozzobon Potratz run an informal, conversational group for Spanish heritage speakers, Club Bilingüe.
Diana’s research interests are:

● Spanish heritage language education
● Identity ideology
● Heritage language pedagogy
● U.S. Spanish
● Sociolinguistics

Courses taught:
SPAN:1001 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN:1002 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN:1502 Intermediate Spanish II

Research areas
  • Spanish
  • Heritage Spanish