Iowa has one of the fastest-growing Latino populations. The estimated 200,000 Latinos in Iowa is expected to grow to 450,000 by 2050. This means that Spanish will be increasingly used in professional contexts like education, health care, media, and more.

Recognizing this growth and the need to offer heritage language students more professional development opportunities, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Iowa is committed to providing multiple opportunities for students to expand their bilingual proficiencies through formal instruction and community-based learning.

Our courses are tailored for heritage Spanish learners who have more advanced listening and speaking skills and strong connections to their language and culture. These course help students improve their written and oral abilities while also broadening and deepening their understanding of U.S. Latinx cultures.

We hope you join us in our efforts to maintain Spanish in the United States and promote the many varieties of this universal language.

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brochure cover for Spanish as a Heritage Language featuring a group of students laughing